Young with great ideas?
Why the Young Entrepreneurs mentoring program?

After being involved with the Entrepreneurs organisation for several years, I started to gain a better understanding of the positive affects of having great people and mentors around me.

Coaching and helping others has always been at the for front of everything I do, the excitement I experience from working with people is the motivation behind setting up this program,
How it began?

Quite simple, it was a friend of the family, Adam Diaters who started my need to help young entrepreneurs. As Adam started moving forward with his dream and a great business concept he was left in the ever familiar space looking for support, someone to bounce ideas off.

While I could see the huge potential in his brand, there was the ever familiar look of frustration in Adams face as we spoke of his business, the direction and simple goal setting.

Over an initial meeting it was clear Adam was close to making it happen, all he needed was the guidance, goals and someone who could support him through his journey.

Adam and I are pleased to say that over the months we have progressed at a rapid rate with his business more then doubling.

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